Used Transformers

Certified, Pre-Owned Transformers = Top Quality with a Reduced Investment

Used-TransformersAre you interested in finding the highest quality reconditioned or remanufactured transformers on the market? ELSCO maintains an inventory of hundreds of pre-owned copper-wound dry-type and oil filled transformers available to purchase or rent. The benefits of buying a reconditioned transformer include cost efficiency, expediency, and reliability.

Due to our nation-wide service area, we’re constantly acquiring previously owned transformers, which we put through a comprehensive certification process before making them available to you. Our team of engineers inspect, clean, and refurbish all units, before certifying all products and adding to our catalog.

ELSCO’s line of certified, pre-owned transformers run from 500 kVA thru 2500 kVA with 2.5, 5, and 15 kVA primaries. All units can also be modified to match your existing line-up and include a one-year warranty on all parts and performance, so you’re assured of the same reliable quality found in a new transformer.

ELSCO’s Certified, Pre-Owned Inventory of Power Transformers

Below is a list of manufacturers we recondition and certify, for your convenience. For a current list of units available, please contact us at 800.232.9002 or via our contact form.

  • ABB Transformers
  • Alstom Transformers
  • Areva Transformers
  • Balteau Transformers
  • Balteau Standard Transformers
  • Central Moloney Transformers
  • CG Power Transformers
  • Cooper Transformers
  • Eaton Transformers
  • Ermco Transformers
  • Federal Pacific Transformers
  • General Electric Transformers
  • Hammond Transformers
  • Hevi Duty Transformers
  • Howard Transformers
  • ITE Transformers
  • Kuhlman Transformers
  • MGM Transformers
  • MTC Transformers
  • Niagara Transformers
  • Olsun Transformers
  • Pacific Crest Transformers
  • Pauwels Transformers
  • Rex Transformers
  • RTE Transformers
  • Siemens Transformers
  • Sorgel Transformers
  • Square D Transformers
  • Standard Transformers
  • Sunbelt Transformers
  • Sylvania Transformers
  • VanTran Transformers
  • Virginia Transformers
  • Weg Transformers
  • Westinghouse Transformers