ELSCO Product Overview

What’s the Difference Between a Padmount and Dry Type Transformer?

Whether you need advanced design and high performance built to spec or a cost-efficient solution for multiple applications, ELSCO is a leading provider of power transformers for every commercial or industrial need. We carry two types of power transformers for you to consider.

The Benefits of Dry Type Transformers

Advanced Design – 100% Copper-wound, round coil, disc wound, slotted comb with sheet
wound secondary, step lap mitered core with lower kilogauss.

High Efficiency Performance – Exceeds all national energy efficiency standards including NEMA, ANSI and IEEE and surpasses the latest recommended Energy Star and DOE ratings.

Cost Effective – Reduces utility and maintenance costs due to increased energy efficiency and superior design.

Quiet Operation – Minimizes noise using top quality copper wiring, round coil, disk wound, with step lap mitered core with lower kilogauss.

Extended Life – Superior quality materials, superior design and expert craftsmanship deliver long-standing performance.

The Benefits of Padmount Transformers

Proven – Provide safe, reliable power output in public spaces

Cost-efficient – Lower costs for installation upfront and promote increased savings

Flexibility – New, reconditioned, or custom-built options are available for every application

Customizable – From one to 1000 units, we build to spec for commercial, utility or retail locations

The Benefits of Pre-Owned Transformers

We maintain an updated inventory of both pre-owned copper- wound dry type and oil filled transformers. All units undergo a thorough certification process before we make them available for rent or purchase. This is a cost-effective way for your organization to access a reliable unit for a shorter period or temporary need.

In the Event of An Emergency

Whether you need a dry type transformer or a padmount transformer in the event of an emergency, we’ve got you covered 24/7. Click here to access our emergency replacement transformer program.