Since 1912

Founded By a couple of westinghouse engineers


The Electric Service Company was founded in 1912 when two former Westinghouse engineers teamed up to launch the first transformer repair facility in the U.S. Since that time, ELSCO has engineered, repaired, built, and sold over half a million transformers. The longevity of our company has solidified our position as the go-to source for commercial and industrial clients seeking a reliable way to maintain substantial power needs.


We are one of the few power transformer providers that design and manufacture high quality copper-wound dry-type transformers. From hospitals, colleges, and universities to local utility companies, ELSCO serves commercial customers across North America, – All share one thing in common – an extensive power grid that supports the infrastructure of their organization.

Value – When the stakes are this high, investing in a trusted supplier of high quality power transformers is the only option to ensure the extraordinary level of performance required to serve your customers.

Scale – Whatever the size of your commercial power grid, we can design, manufacture, service and repair from one to 1,000 transformers. ELSCO custom-builds and custom-fits every type of transformer to your facility requirements. Installation is quicker due to customization, so we can help you minimize the cost of downtime.

Scope – Whether you need 24-hour emergency service to maintain power ASAP or you’re interested in long-term planning for infrastructure yet to be built, ELSCO delivers the fastest, most reliable service in the electrical power transformer industry.

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