Grounded in Reliability

When the power goes out you’ve got a problem.

Total-Lifetime-ValueAs one of the first transformer repair shops in the U.S., The Electric Service Company is a leading provider of quality dry type transformers and padmount transformers. We manufacture the most advanced power transformers available, providing continuity through the lifetime value of each unit.

Established in 1912 by two Westinghouse engineers, ELSCO Transformers delivers the highest quality and most reliable power transformers on the market.

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Since 1912

Founded By a couple of westinghouse engineers


The Electric Service Company was founded in 1912 when two former Westinghouse engineers teamed up to launch the first transformer repair facility in the U.S. Since that time, ELSCO has engineered, repaired, built, and sold over half a million transformers. The longevity of our company has solidified our position as the go-to source for commercial and industrial clients seeking a reliable way to maintain substantial power needs.

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Dry Type Transformers

The Most Advanced Power Transformers on the Market

Dry-Type-TransformerWhat Are the Basics of Dry Type Transformers?

Transformers change voltages from one level to another.  Most commonly, that change involves very high-power line transmission voltages (500 kV) being reduced to the much lower levels used in heavy industry (as much as 30 kV).  Dry type, or air-cooled, transformers accomplish this function so safely and efficiently that they are commonly used for indoor applications where other transformer types are considered too risky.

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Transformer Repair Services

Are you searching for emergency transformer repair service?

Transformer Repair ServicesELSCO is the leading provider of transformer repairs, offering expert service for all major brands of Dry type transformers and Padmount transformers.

  • Repair your power transformer.
  • Rebuild your power transformer.
  • Replace your power transformer.

When your power transformer needs to be repaired, you don’t have a lot of time to shop around.

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Get in Touch


Electric Service Company

5331 Hetzel Street,
Cincinnati, OH 45227

513-271-0543 FAX

Would you like to request a quote?


What type of Transformer are you interested in?

Dry Type TransformerOil Filled Transformer

Where are the primary and secondary bushings located?

Both on the front side behind lockable doors (Pad mount style)HV & LV bushings on 180 degree opposite sides – one on left side and the other on right side (Unit substation style)Top HV & Top LV bushings or Top HV & Side LV (Station type style)

Type of Oil?

Regular Mineral OilEnvirotemp FR3 high flashpoint, biodegradable vegetable fluid

What type of primary bushings?

Live FrontDead Front

Bushing Style?

Radial Feed (3 bushings)Loop Feed (6 bushings)

Electrical Options

bayonet fusestwo or four position load break switchlightning/surge arresters

Need an Enclosure or a Retrofit?

an enclosurecore & coils to retrofit into an existing enclosure

If dry type retrofit – what are the existing enclosure dimensions?


fans (120V motor)fans (240V motors)fans (120V motor) with digital temperature controllerfans (240V motors) with digital temperature controllerdigital temperature controller

Type of Windings?

Copper windingsAluminum windings

New or Reconditioned?


How quickly would you want/need delivery?

1-2 days1-2 weeks2-4 monthslonger

Attach any drawings of existing unit to assist with correct dimensions.