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Transformer Replacement and Repairs


Dry Type transformers – copper wound to deliver quiet, cost-effective performance

ELSCO transformers feature advanced designs that exceed all NEMA, ANSI and IEEE standards, so you can run at less cost.

Why choose ELSCO dry type transformers?

  • Precision circular wound for maximum cooling and short circuit protection
  • Primary windings use slotted comb design with Nomex® insulated copper magnet wire
  • Secondary windings use Nomex® insulation with strip wound copper conductor to eliminate vertical forces
  • BIL rating equivalent to liquid-filled units
  • 500 through 3750 kVA
  • High voltage ratings of 2400 through 14400 delta in stock
  • Low voltage ratings of 208Y/120 through 4160Y/2400 in stock
  • Industry-leading, three-year warranty
  • Built in the USA.

24-hour emergency availability
We have experienced personnel on call 24/7. We can ship an in-stock, dry type transformer or padmount transformer in less than 3 hours night or day. We keep a large inventory of in-stock replacement transformers, including padmount transformers.

• Core and coil assemblies only
• Indoor enclosures NEMA1/NEMA2
• Installation in outdoor enclosure — NEMA 3R with strip heaters
• Fans and temperature controllers

Custom transformers
.Retrofit specialists
• High short-circuit strength designs
• Electrostatic shields
• K factor designs

Uncompromising quality
To ensure energy efficiency and a long life, ELSCO delivers quality materials and workmanship. When you’re comparing replacement drytype transformers, ask for the following:

  • Nomex® insulation
  • Glastic fiberglass insulation
  • Copper wiring
  • Round coil design
  • Disk winding
  • DOE 2010 efficiency

Dry type transformer failure can mean security risks or downtime losses for your operation. Protect your investment. Don’t settle for substitute materials that may minimally meet standards but give you a shorter useful life and less peace of mind.

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High Efficiency: Our dry type transformers are designed to meet and exceed all the NEMA, ANSI, and IEEE standards. We even go as far as to exceed all the proposed efficiency standards for Energy Star compliance. What that means to you is that your dry type transformer will actually save you money in the long run with utility bill savings and less replacement and rigging charges. The higher the efficiency -- the less it actually costs you to run.

Uncompromising Quality: To ensure energy efficiency and a long life, we demand quality materials and workmanship (as should you). When comparing replacement transformers, ask for the following: 3M's Nomex insulation, Glastic fiberglass insulation, and copper wiring. Other substandard metals may minimally meet the standards but cheaper is not cost-effective when a transformer failure will mean security risks or downtime losses for your operation. If you are looking for quality materials and workmanship that save on the bottom line, stay with ELSCO. Many of our customers have, for over thirty years.

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Need a reliable dry type transformer fast?

ELSCO has a reputation for excellent new copper-wound dry type transformers. We build them right here in the USA.

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"We had one of our dry type transformers fail a couple years ago. We called ELSCO and you had exactly the size we needed in stock. Better yet, it was new and copper wound. Your guys got it on the road in under two hours. We were back up and running shortly thereafter. Once we turned the power back on, we didn't think it was running because it was so quiet. You certainly build a quality transformer. You made working with you easy. We'll definitely call you again."

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